Conference venue:

1 Mihail Kogalniceanu Street (Central building of Babes-Bolyai University), 400000, Cluj-Napoca (@46.76754,23.5892607)

Arrival in Cluj-Napoca:

Cluj-Napoca can be reached in several ways:

Letter of Invitation and Visa
If you need a formal letter of invitation to help obtain funding or a visa to attend the SPEAKING BODIES Conference, please contact the Conference Organizing Committee

Requirements for entry into Romania and all other information you might need with regard to obtaining a visa can be found at .

Standard Time
The standard time in Romania is the East European Time (GMT + 2 hours).

Romania’s official currency is LEU (pl. LEI); 1 LEU has 100 BANI. The international symbol is RON, but the currency is still referred to as LEI. For an updated currency rate visit (the official site of the National Bank of Romania).